Tracey (right) and I (left), Melbourne Cup 2008

I decided to create a new category on my blog titled, “Visionary Leaders” to make way for the new visionary leaders podcast. In this category I will publish short biographies of friends, mentors and other people who have inspired me to be a better version of myself.

One such visionary and inspiring leader is my wife, Tracey. My life as it is today, the roof over our heads, our two beautiful kiddies, the freedom and support to follow my passion would not be possible without Tracey.

First Love

Tracey and I met in the traditional aussie way – at a bar. I still recall that night vividly. My housemate, Ash was working at the bar and I waited for him to finish his shift so we could go home together. Tracey was at the same bar for a private function and her best friend suggested that I should start a conversation with her, so I did.  Back in my single days I wrote this wishlist of what I wanted in a future life partner. As I got to know Tracey more and more in the days following our introduction I realised that Tracey ticked off many of the items on my wishlist. I was stoked!

Opposites Attract

Those who know Tracey will describe her to be a meticulous planner and highly organised. On the other hand, I lived life off the cuff. Tracey planned for our future while I lived in the moment. Tracey was the responsible one and I had years of practise being the opposite. Tracey was stable while I was all over the place.

In Common

Tracey and I have many things in common, like our love for and commitment  to each other. I feel like we had built a strong foundation that kept our relationship strong during its ups and downs. We both take massive action. We do share common values and my sense of humour.  Yes, Tracey still finds my jokes funny sometimes.

So I’m grateful for having met Tracey. The love of my life who  makes it possible for me to be me.

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