2016, a new year and a brand new me  – I’m branding myself as the Business Process Guru

I’m working with my coach, Mihir Thaker, and I’ve been taking massive action laying the foundation for some exciting projects to make 2016 an explosive year of growth and impact.

This is blog entry Day 3 of my 30 day blog Challenge

Brand New Website

This website, peter.reginald.com.au, was born out of a need for me to journal my ideas and learning after I graduated from Future of Business workshop in November 2015.

I have regularly created blog entries since then. Most of these entries are on various business principles and personal development topics. The problem is that this website doesn’t clearly communicate who I am and what I do in terms of the value I offer to my business clients.

I will continue blogging regularly here. The new website will contain content to help business owners take their business to the next level.

New Youtube Series

I’m creating a series of short, less than 3 minutes, youtube videos to help small and medium business owners and managers improve their business. The topics I will cover are Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Optimisation and Principles of Business Success.

Business Improvement Workshops

2016 will be a year where I kick off a series of business improvement workshops. These workshops will be 1 hour up presentations and weekend bootcamps. I’m also putting together a Power Team  so together we can run more comprehensive business workshops touching on various topics like SEO and Online Conversions, Business Management, Team Building and Sales Training.

Visionary Leaders Podcast

I’m also launching a visionary leaders podcast series in January 2016 where I chat with my friends who are  in business.  I want to share with my listeners pearls of wisdom and bring awareness on exciting projects that my friends are involved in.

Bringing it all together in 2016

So between my new website, youtube series, workshops and podcast 2016 already feels like a year of synergistic success. I aim to live the motto, “Together we are Better” and provide incredible value to as many people as I can. By bringing all these projects together I will support my business consulting as well as do the things I am passionate about.

Bring . It . On . 2016!

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