big-bang-blueVisionary and Inspiring Leaders Podcast Series Coming Soon

Over the past couple of months I have been on a mission to meet new friends. Friends who I could learn from and grow with. Friends who share similar values as me.

Then I joined various networking groups, like Entrepreneurs Social Club, BizBuddyHubFuture of Business and The Sales Evangelist, to name a few, and met many visionary and inspiring leaders. Now I am fortunate to call these leaders my friends too.

After learning about their incredible projects and businesses I felt compelled to find a way to tell as many people about it. That is why I had the idea for the visionary and inspiring leaders podcast series.

I’ve just started the behind the scenes phase of a new audio podcast series where I get into a dialogue, like an interview, with some of my amazing friends as well as sharing business and life tips.

I want to share their vision, wisdom and their “why” and leverage my social networks to get this message out to as many people as possible.

Guest Preparation

Guests can expect the following process.

  1. Answer about 20 questions via email or phone chat and get to know you, why and what you do.
  2. Next I create and publish a short biography on my blog based on answers from step 1.
  3. Then we schedule and record our conversation.
  4. I’ll edit and publish the audio recording as a podcast episode.
  5. Finally once your episode is published I’ll promote it via online and offline networks..

Show Format

I’ll use my blog to plan out the show content. Each podcast will run less than 25 minutes.

First three minutes I’ll talk about some business related tip or principle.

Followed by a 20 minute segment dialogue with a visionary and inspiring leader.

Everytime I think about this stuff it feels like my heart is buzzing and I hope my audience will feel it too.

More to come so stay tuned!

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