This is blog entry Day 8 of my 30 day blog Challenge

A little over a week ago I felt like a challenge. I wanted to experience something I had yet to experience.

It was something I had read about online. Writers who take part in a blog challenge. Writers who publish new content each day. I decided to create my own 30 day blog challenge.

The first couple of days into this blog challenge was plain sailing but I hit a wall on the third day. I was almost going to skip a day but dug deep to write and publish what was to become one of my most popular posts to date titled, Tracey Reginald.

My friend Michael Carniato (Mikey) jumped in on the challenge immediately followed by Ray MilidoniAnthony Prince and Samantha Del Ciotto. Others have joined in the days to follow. I think there are a total of 7 of us posting regularly – even over this Christmas break which is great to see.

Today I will to share some insights as a result of taking part in this challenge.

The first post of the challenge was published on the 18th of December

Monthly Statistics


Total monthly visitors and views for November and December 2015.

In November I had a total of 298 views from 156 visitors.

In December I had a total of 792 views from 291 visitors.

So in December there was a 165% increase of 494 views and an increase of 135 more visitors compared to November.

I launched this blog on the 10th of November 2015

Weekly Statistics


Weekly statistics for the past 7 weeks

It’s interesting to see a gradual decline in views and visits from late November to early December.

Then in the week of 14th December there was a strong spike with 269 views from 100 visitors.

In the week of 21st to 25th December there was another increase with a total of 324 views from 134 visitors.

Something to note is the high number of interaction on my blog posts by way of comments from visitors.

I had a total of 33 comments between 21st to 25th December compared to a total of 5 comments for the week before.

Daily Statistics


Daily statistics for the past 30 days

I had my record views and visitors on 21st and 22nd December. Both days peaking at 98 views from 32 and 55 visitors respectively.

The most popular post on 21st December was Priming for a Brand New Me in 2016 with a total of 37 views.

The most popular post on 22nd December was Tracey Reginald with a total of 55 views.

What’s Next?

Tomorrow I’ll share my blog writing workflow. My step by step process of how I plan, write and publish all my posts.

That is all for now. Happy christmas!

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