I can vividly recall jobs I had in the past where I fell into the trap of watching the clock. These jobs were a real time suck. Every second seemed to tick over with great struggle, or so it seemed.

This is Day 2 of my 30 day blog Challenge

Then finally I’d finish work and looked forward to getting home to unwind. I unwound by playing computer games or watching TV. All this was yet another time suck, but I didn’t care. Compared to the drudgery of work my version of unwinding was blissful at every procrastinating level. My job which would usually start in less than 6 hours by the time I’d finished unwinding.

Over the past few months I feel like I’ve got my mojo back. I feel like I’m in the zone and going with the flow. These days there aren’t any distinctions between weekend and weekdays. Everyday is just another day where I do the things I love.

It’s when I’m doing the things I love that I observe time very differently. I realise how precious it is. The paradigm has shifted from wishing away time to wanting to organise my activities to make the most of my time.

When I’m doing the things I love it feels wrong to describe what I do as a job or work. It just doesn’t resonate.

When I’m doing the things I love amazing things happen. I get connected to the right people and right resources at the right time, as if by some magical force at work. I’m grateful to be in this space when I’m doing the things that I love.

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