Video Blog Content Workflow – Do you create video content AND blog content? Do you want to know how I get youtube to write my blog content for me – for FREE?

Today I will share with you my new video blog content workflow.

My Old Blog Workflow

So a little while ago I wrote an article about my blog writing workflow and I’ve been following that for the most part.

Now it’s all being changed because I’ve started to create YouTube videos. My new video blog workflow is just mind-blowingly amazing.

In the past I would first write my script and then I would feed that script into my home-made hack of a  teleprompter.

Then I would stand in front of the camera, hit record and I would read the teleprompter text.

When I read from the teleprompter I seemed to have lost the connection with the camera and it was like I was focusing on the reading.

So then I decided to do some more research and learn what are other ways pro bloggers and pro content producers do.

Video Blog Content Workflow – New  Workflow

I learned that simply standing in front of the camera and talking into it is one way to get cracking fast. I don’t hold any notes in my hand and no longer read anything on the teleprompter. Well, there is no teleprompters. It’s just the camera and, well as far as I’m concerned, it’s just you and me.

1. I have a general idea of what I want to talk about

I’ll write down dot points about the message, the “what” I’m going to talk about and most importantly “why”.

2. The camera is my friend

Once I have the basic outline of my video presentation in the back of my mind I hit record. As I talk into the camera I imagine that I’m speaking to one of my friends. I imagine their face right in front, near the camera. So it’s like i’m having a conversation.

3. Transfer the video and audio

Once the video recording part is finished I transfer the video from the camera and the audio. The audio is recorded separately with a lavalier mic and my phone.

4. Cleaning the audio

The next thing I do is I take the audio recording from the mic and I clean it up.

I remove any background noise and I do something called normalization. This makes makes the volume throughout the recording the same instead of having some bits that are louder and some bits that are quieter.

Then apply something called a compressor. This brings all the volumes nice and high while still sounding clean, crisp and loud.

5. Video editing

The next thing I do is I take the video from the camera which is now copied into the computer and I’ll take the cleaned version of the audio and I put them into my video production

Then I chop up the video and audio to remove all the “um”s and “ah”s, you know wasted space. This is called jump cutting. It’s way you remove any unwanted parts of the video.

The purpose of that is to give the final video  a sense of real flow and also it reduces the length of the overall video. This is all about keeping everything short and sweet because the viewer’s time and attention are very valuable. It’s all about getting straight to the point.

There’s two scarce resources, it’s your time and your attention

So once I have the audio and video all chopped up and removed all the fluff in between I then upload this final video file onto YouTube.

6. YouTube upload and transcription

After the video is uploaded onto YouTube within a few minutes YouTube will start to do something called “processing”. It processes the audio and video in that particular upload.

One of the best things about YouTube processing is that it does something called “transcribing”. It transcribes or converts the words that I say into text for closed captions.

Often this auto transcription is not accurate. So that’s the reason to edit the transcription. I use the closed caption edit feature within YouTube and edit the transcribed text so it is accurate.


This is the YouTube transcription edit screen where I edit the text and keywords are accurate.

7. Create the blog article

Then I just copy the closed captions and I’ll paste it into a draft blog article where I then do a final edit and format the text to include headings, links, images, etc,.

There you have it like –

  • from recording a video,
  • to uploading it to YouTube
  • and then YouTube basically typing everything for me.
  • I edit what YouTube has typed up for me and
  • I’ll paste it into a new blog post.

Closed Caption for SEO

Something I discovered about editing your closed captions for your YouTube videos is how it impacts on how well your video ranks when someone does a search on Google or YouTube What I learned is that when someone does a text search in Google and YouTube, YouTube scans through your closed caption text for the search keywords.

So if you want to rank your video for a particular keyword then make sure that those keywords are spelled correctly in the closed caption text.

Otherwise you could be losing valuable video traffic which is super important if you’re into video marketing.


What used to take me hours now is it can be done within minutes.

It’s really mind blowing how simple my workflow has become. If you want to know more about my workflow and want know the step-by-step then I’m happy to go more into detail about it. Maybe I could record a screencast.

So that’s all for now. I hope you got some value from this. Feel free to leave a comment and share this blog article.

And remember – Together We Are Better!

This is blog entry Day 25 of my 30 day blog Challenge

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