Blog Comments – Do you get many blog comments your freshly published posts? What are the bottom line benefits of getting real comments from real people?

Today I will talk about the “Why” – the importance of getting blog comments on your freshly published post and how it impacts on generating traffic, leads and sales.

This is blog entry Day 22 of my 30 day blog Challenge

How to Make Money from your Blog Series

Previously I’ve explained that the real purpose of your blog is to generate high quality leads into your business.

Then I talked also about how it is important to find your niche target market to improve the quality of your leads as well as maximise the chance of converting your readers into clients that buy from you.

After that I wrote about one of the most important parts of your blog, the call to action.

Let’s continue on with the series on how to make money from your blog.

Why Blog Comments?

By now, you’ve got readers on your blog, on a particular article you’ve freshly published. Do you get many comments on your articles or are your readers coming to your article and then just leaving without giving it some love by sharing it or leaving a comment? No engagement even after you ask in your call to action to leave a comment… How does it feel?

I can tell you now that when I first started writing it didn’t feel all that great when I knew that I was getting readers on my articles but they weren’t leaving any comments.  I decided to research, and learn how how the pros get lots of blog comments even moments after publishing their blog post.

I will share with you a secret on how it’s done but only if you’re interested.  So if you interested let me know in the comments below.

Business Success Principle: Leaders Give – Givers Get

To prime you on how it’s done let me first talk to about one of many business success principles I learned the three day Future of Business bootcamp I attended in October in 2015.

Leaders Give – Givers Get

What this principle means means is leaders for example Tony Robbins in the earlier part of his leadership journey  he actually set up a charity to feed those who were not able to feed themselves and overtime because of his giving he started to grow that particular business. His operations became so big that he needed to hire more and more people.

As a result of Tony Robbin’s giving he also got a lot back when people in turn gave back to him.

Successful leaders give to the community in some way and as a result get back.

Now, what does all this have to do with blog comments?

During my research I read lots of blogs articles on how to get more engagement on my blog posts. I stumbled upon a pattern when I left blog comments on other writer’s articles.

Because I want to make this article short and sweet so I’ll write up another article and share these tips on how it’s done in another if you are interested and want to know. It is a pretty big and valuable topic on its own. Just let me know in the comments below.

Blog Comments and its Impact on SEO

Let me explain why it’s important to have lots of blog comments from an SEO (search engine optimisation) and traffic generation context.

Remember, quality targeted traffic means more leads which means higher conversion to sales.

Imagine you’ve got a really interesting blog article and you’ve got a lot of readers leaving comments,  thank you, how your article contains very valuable information and  it is really helpful and so on.

When Google scans your blog post and discovers all those blog comments then this gives your article higher value. It assumes that your article is valuable to many people who are searching using the same keywords  because it has so many blog comments below the article.

So what does Google do? The next time someone searches for any of the keywords that are mentioned in your particular blog post then your blog post will come up really high up in the search results on Google. This is really valuable because you’ll get free, organic traffic into that particular blog post.

Social Proofing and Inertia

To me a blog post with no blog comments is like that restaurant that has no patrons at the peak of lunch time business. Just like you might hesitate going into that restaurant to eat many  readers don’t want to be the first person to comment. Can you see how this can become a problem? By having a few blog comments it displays some social proofing and inertia. It will make it easier for other readers to leave a blog comment seeing that others have done so before.

Power of Leverage

After you’ve published your blog post what do you do? Do you share on Facebook amongst your friends and family? At the end of the day you friends and family may not be the niche target market that you’re after.  I mean they’re probably going to come and read your blog post to show their support. When your website has lots of traffic due to a high page ranking in search results due to high value blog content AND engaging blog comments then you are taking full use of the internet’s  explosive force  of leverage. The more comments you get, the greater the relevance of your blog post and this in turn creates a feedback loop.

Real Comments by Real People

You really want to get organic traffic on your blog post and comments from real people that will help to boost the relevance of your article. I’ll go into detail on on exactly how it’s done in another blog post if you are interested in knowing the secret.  Once you know how it’s done you will you be as excited as I was and add this process to your blog writing workflow just like I have done.

Well that is all for now. Did you enjoy this post? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented and shared.


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