Communication is the Response I Get is the Success Principle for this week.

This is blog entry Day 6 of my 30 day blog Challenge

A few weeks ago Mikey and I decided that we will take turns and pick one success principle per week.

We will live each moment of every day by applying that principle. By doing this we aim to practice the principle and gain deep understanding.

Yesterday I posted my take aways from last week’s principle which was Everything Speaks.

At the end of each day we reflect the day’s learnings and share our experiences.

These success principles are taught by Marshall Thurber in the Future of Business workshop. Spanning almost two decades Marshall learned from two great minds of our time, W. Edwards Deming and Buckminster Fuller. Marshall then mashed his experience and knowledge to teach other business leaders through his workshops.

What is Communication?

Put it simply, communication is the response I get. I thought back at the times when I communicated with someone and they didn’t understand what I meant. Sometimes I felt frustrated. Who was responsible for the breakdown in communication? It was easy for me to blame the other person for their lack of understanding or misinterpretation.

My Goal

So during this week’s Success Principle challenge if / when any kind of breakdown in communication occurs I will take responsibility and look at my process or delivery of my communication. The response I get is feedback. It tells me the quality of my message and delivery. My goal is to use the response to calibrate my message.  To make the learning bigger than the experience. I’ll post my learning next week so stay tuned.

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