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Everything Speaks is the Success Principle of the week

A couple of weeks ago Mikey and I decided that we will take turns and pick one success principle per week.

We will live each moment of every day by applying that principle. By doing this we aim to practice the principle and gain deep understanding.

Yesterday I posted my take aways from last week’s principle which was Interesting vs Interested

At the end of each day we reflect the day’s learnings and share our Everything Speaks experiences.

These success principles are taught by Marshall Thurber in the Future of Business workshop. Spanning almost two decades Marshall learned from two great minds of our time, W. Edwards Deming and Buckminster Fuller. Marshall then mashed his experience and knowledge to teach other business leaders through his workshops.

The importance of Everything Speaks

What I love about this principle is how it is pivotal to success.

I think of it as priming.

Priming is an implicit memory effect in which exposure to one stimulus influences the response to another stimulus. – source Priming on wikipedia

What are the 15% of tasks that must be done first to reach my objective?

Before heading into a meeting how am I priming myself for success?

Is my self talk positive?

Am I dressed to relate?

My Goal

I want to have a process in place to ensure that I am well primed. This is important because I want to control my outcome. By control I mean measure and improve.

The learning here could be to learn how the top leaders prime themselves. I feel like I’ll be paying attention to my presentation as well.

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