Today is the first day of Knower and Learner week. I want to keep that feeling going since graduating from Future of Business a few weeks ago. For me one way to keep that feeling going strong is to consciously live each day while applying all the principles taught by Marshall.

So for the next seven days I will apply the Knower and Learner principle and at the end of the day I will note down my learning and debrief with anyone else who is taking part in this with me. Mikey, from Future of Business, is joining me on this inaugural journey.

My Learning

Knower has all the answers and gathers evidence to back up what they know is true. A knower asks questions like, “How can I find evidence that proves me right?”.

A learner on the other hand is always keeps an open mind. A learner is always looking to find out something new and assumes a need to know more. A learner asks questions like, “Does it really resonate?”.

The objective is to stay a learner.

If a business provides a poor client experience it instantly breaks trust. If we let our guard down and take on the knower’s mindset then there are competitors circling nearby to take better care of your client.

An example of how to have a learner mindset in business is to ask for feedback from your staff about management performance and ask clients for feedback on the business’ service.

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