Are the kind of person who makes predictions often? If you do then do your predictions end up coming to pass or not?

Last week I picked Leaders Predict as the key principle for the week, Today I will share my experiences and learnings.

This is blog entry Day 19 of my 30 day blog Challenge

As a business owner I make a lot of predictions.

Let me take you on a journey back in time.

The year was 1994 and I was in high school (12th grade). I was a teenager who was obsessed with computers and spent most of my time tinkering with computer software or hardware. I loved playing with and learning all about computers. There was another student who, by observation, was more knowledgeable in the field of Information Technology. His name was Michael and I predicted that we would be best friends and I would learn a lot from him.

Predict: to declare or indicate in advance; especially :  foretell on the basis of observation, experience, or scientific reason – Merriam-Webster

See, I believed Michael to be the most gifted person in the school when it came to technology. It just so happened that Michael lived walking distance from where I lived. Naturally we hung out a lot. And my prediction did come to pass. I learned a great deal from Michael, more than I could ever have by reading a book or IT classes.

One day Michael suggested that we start a partnership business together and leverage our skills and make extra cash while we completed our last year of high school.

That was my very first business experience. I was 18 years old and I was a “business man”. I learned very quickly that my responsibility as a business man, as a leader, was to make predictions that had the highest chance of coming true.

This is what successful leaders do. They make accurate predictions.

Leaders Predict

When I make a prediction I’m instantly putting my integrity on the line.

Will I fail or will I succeed?

What is my chance for success?

How can I mitigate the risk of failure?

How can I have the edge and increase my chance of success?

The skill is to have an unfair advantage against the risk of failure when making predictions. How? By using the right theory, principles, technology, etc.,

This is what I now do in my current business as a Business Process Manager.

I create predictable  transformations in my client’s business by observing, improving and managing their business processes and systems.

By predictable I mean  statistically high chance of success.

It is like flipping a coin and landing on heads 97% of the time

My Learning

We all make predictions every single day of our lives. I want to constantly increase the accuracy of my predictions.

In the professional betting world this is called the edge.

I believe that it is important to keep an open mind and always be learning in order to have the edge against chance and risk. I must continue to identify masters of wisdom and learn from them. Then I will in teach others as a way to solidify my learning.

What next?

The next success Principle for the week is Via Negativa . I’ll create a new blog post to introduce this principle tomorrow so stay tuned!

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“For business owners who have hit a glass ceiling, I deliver predictable transformation by observing, improving and managing its processes.”

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Four Principles of Interpersonal Communication by Donnell King


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