High Value Blog Content – Do you want to know how to create high value, targeted blog content that will solve your reader’s biggest pains and problems?

Do you want high quality engagement from your readers where they thank you for solving their problem?

This is blog entry Day 18 of my 30 day blog Challenge

Are you a business owner or a consultant and currently blogging?

Be sure to  read the first two blog posts in this series before going further.

A couple of days ago I explained the real purpose for having a blog in your business.

Yesterday I wrote why it is important to get laser focused about who your niche market is.

By now, you know why it is important to know who your niche market is and you also know that your blog exists to bring you targeted leads into your business.

Today I’m going to show you how to create high value content that is targeted at your niche market.

My Blogging Pain

A couple of months ago I decided to start blogging to improve my writing skills and eventually publish a book. One of my favourite success principles is, “Learn from the Best” so I sought out  a community of seasoned bloggers on a few facebook groups, and made some connections and learn from them.

This is where I met Jelena Ostrovska, an online marketer and content creator. I practically lived on Jelena’s blog for a couple of weeks. A perfect specimen of high value blog content with many useful articles (and created youtube videos) that answered many of the questions that I wanted to ask and some that I never would have thought to ask.

I very quickly gained confidence in my own writing and noticed an increase in readership and engagement. I was very grateful to Jelena. She really provided me with incredible value and solved my blogging pain.

So let me share with you a few observations that you can also use to improve your blog writing skills.

Ask a simple question that YOU CAN answer

Did you notice the question I asked at the start of this post?

“Want to know how to create high value, targeted blog content that will solve your reader’s biggest pains and problems?”

Why and how does this work?

  • To provoke the reader.
  • To provide a solution.
  • Make yourself the expert.

Once you know who your niche reader is it becomes much easier to think of what their pressing problems are.

My biggest pain was with my blog not getting real engagement from my readers. I mean, I could see that people were coming to my blog but according to the analytics it looked like they were leaving the blog immediately. This is called Bounce Rate and it is measured as a percentage. A high the bounce rate, eg, 90% means most of your visitors leave immediately. This means your blog post was not sticky enough. The aim is to get a low bounce rate.

Ever since I used this new theory on my blog I started to see a huge spike in reader engagement and a drop in bounce rates.

High Value Blog Content

Jelena knew that her readers were blog writers that wanted to increase leads to their blogs but they were struggling, like I was.

When you create content that answers their problems then this content has authority. Why? Because you’re providing them with a solution – for FREE!

The result is your reader loves you just that little bit more. It also builds trust as they begin to see you as an expert in your field.

The more you repeat this process, that is, creating high value content that relieves your reader’s pain or problem, the greater the chance for your readers to be converted into missionary clients. Missionary clients will not only buy regularly from your business but they will also recruit other clients for you.

Attraction Marketing

This is truly the magic of Attraction Marketing at work. Once you master this you will never ever need to go looking for prospects, cold calling, door knocking, etc,. What’s more, you can leverage this skill and create multiple streams of income by solving pains and problems of many different niche markets.

Wouldn’t you agree with me that this is much more organic and energetically positive way to grow your business?

Stay tuned for the next value packed post tomorrow  where I’ll write about how to build your list of interested and targeted prospects.

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High value content coming soon!

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