Last week Mikey picked the key principle for the week. We’ve come to the end of the Interesting vs Interested and I will share my experiences and learnings.


Exercising the Interesting vs Interested principle had me paying close attention with real focus.

One particular night I was having a conversation with someone in a busy and noisy roof top bar. I reminded myself of being interested in the other person and for a moment it felt like all the noise and cigarette smoke disappeared. It felt like the other person and I were the only two people there. It allowed me to really pay attention and be interested.

I recognised that I would also interrupt when someone was talking.

My learning

I learned to shut my mouth and listen when someone was talking.

When I was deeply interested in someone there was a real connection.

During this connection I felt like I knew the right questions to ask.

By asking the right questions I was able to learn much more about the other person.


It is interested how the weekly principle from last week, knower vs learner is somewhat connected to the interesting vs interested principle. Both principles compliment each other. By having coming from a learner space it allowed me to demonstrate my interest in someone or something. As a result I felt a deep connection with that person or thing. I felt a greater level of trust had developed and I had given some value.

What next?

It was my turn to pick the next weekly focus principle and I’ve picked the Everything Speaks aka Priming principle. For the next week I will apply this principle daily and report my observations and learnings.

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