Knower vs Learner

What is the relationship between a knower and learner and which am I? Knower vs Learner – At first I believed I was both a knower and a learner but when I understood the essence of this question I decided to be the learner. This principle is one of many in a series of principles taught by Marshall Thurber. Knower vs… Read More

Today is the first day of Knower and Learner week. I want to keep that feeling going since graduating from Future of Business a few weeks ago. For me one way to keep that feeling going strong is to consciously live each day while applying all the principles taught by Marshall. So for the next… Read More

  Hello Earthians, I’m planning to convert the flip chart key principles into high quality cards we can hold in our hands. Something like UNO cards but a little larger. I’ve spoken to a handful of graduates about this idea already and thought I’d share it with everyone at once. I use the key principles ever single day and… Read More

Time and attention, when you really think about it, are the only two scarcities in life. Time is an obvious one but stick with me for a moment. You can only consciously pay attention to one thing at a time and if you fail to pay attention then you pay with pain. Multitasking, or splitting your… Read More

My morning routine and workflow

A morning routine is a great way to start the day off well while ensuring that you’re paying close attention and making the most in the precious moments of your morning. A morning routine can help you create profound results with minimal variation. There are only two scarce resources: your time, and your attention A few of… Read More

speed reading

It has become abundantly clear that I must improve my reading speed and comprehension so I can learn as fast as I can. I was taught to read by reading out loud. So these days when I read quietly to myself I internally read out each word or whisper the words and freak out anyone… Read More

Peter Reginald with Marshall Thurber

The first time I heard about Marshall Thurber was at a business networking function when I was in a dialogue with a young entrepreneur named Mikey. When I asked Mikey what business he was involved in he replied that he was an event producer and he had brought over a man called Marshall Thurber from America to present a series… Read More


Are you playing above the line and taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, actions and results or are you shaming yourself and others, justifying your actions and laying blame?… Read More