Learning Quote MichaelangeloA week ago Mikey and I decided to pick a key principle that was taught at the Future of Business workshop and consciously live each day by that principle. We’ve come to the end of the Knower – Learner principle and I will share my experiences and learnings.


Exercising the Knower Learner principle forced me to be aware of my thoughts, feelings and actions.

As a knower I habitually made incorrect assumptions.

During a conversation my mind was not in the present instead I analysed and drifted off to the past or future.

Another observation was when someone asked me if I knew about a particular topic, usually I would reply with what I knew or best guessed about the topic.

My learning

I learned that it is ok to say, “I don’t know”.

The conversation was about the other person instead of me.

I paid attention and was present.

I was open minded and willing to explore possibilities.


I was able to keep my learner mindset in check when I was alone with my own thoughts however when I was around friends and family the temptation to drop back into the knower mindset was much greater. I had to slow my thoughts down and keep my mouth shut. It felt unnatural at first but I knew I was breaking a habit formed over many years.  I now feel much more at peace and in the flow as a learner.

What next?

It was Mikey’s turn to pick the next weekly focus principle and he picked the Interesting – Interested principle. For the next week I will apply this principle daily and report my observations and learnings.

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