time and attentionTime and attention, when you really think about it, are the only two scarcities in life. Time is an obvious one but stick with me for a moment. You can only consciously pay attention to one thing at a time and if you fail to pay attention then you pay with pain.

Multitasking, or splitting your attention between more than one activity may seem like an efficient use of your time but with what method have you come to that conclusion?

Lately I’ve been asking myself a whole new question, “What am I missing out on by doing many things at a time?”. My instincts tell me that this is the reason that I feel like I am unable to meditate, to slow down my thoughts and just be. It is like I had formed a habit over many years of doing many things at once. For example, am I really taking in the sensory experience of eating a meal while reading a book? It led me to wonder why is it that I have really creative thoughts while having a shower. Could it be because I’m forced to only do the one thing without any other distractions?

It got me thinking, “What about the attention I pay to my family, friends, clients, etc?”. Over the past year I’ve been actively breaking a habit of playing with my phone while in their company. In this context it is about showing that I’m being interested in the other person. I mean, what kind of example am I setting by playing with my phone while playing with my two-year old?

It is time to break the habit now. It is time to pay attention.

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