This principle is one of many in a series of principles taught by Marshall Thurber



  • When building your client intimacy through frequency of interactions and being interested, you can change how you communicate with your clients.
  • Build trust first by maintaining your integrity, this is expected from every client.
  • Once you have built up that level of trust, you can make requests of your client to better identify what they really want so you can better serve them.
  • This is the golden opportunity to improving the appreciation your client has for your business!
  • When you’ve reached a level of close relationship with the client, you can even make suggestions on how they could improve their business by making some changes.
  • The top most level is surprise & delight, where you interact so closely with the client with such a high level of trust that you’re pretty much family.
  • They know that you will help them in any situation no matter what, which helps deepen the relationship further.

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