30 Day Vlog Challenge – Day 1

Hey what’s up everyone this is Peter and taking part in a 30 Day Vlog Challenge.

I recently finished a blog challenge and I learnt heaps.

One of the things I learned is that video is king when it comes to content creation compared to blogging,

With video you’re more naked, you’re more exposed. You can’t hide behind a pen name or a you know you can’t hide behind the camera.

When you’re in front of the camera what you see is what you get. You will be caught out if you try to be fake or ingenuine.

Also you build trust with the audience lot quicker than compared to just having a blog.

Hello YouTube

So since 2006 I’d had ditched commercial TV altogether and I replaced my entertainment with YouTube.

Actually for all my entertainment, all my learning, YouTube was my go to for video on demand.

Why Video Production?

I’m getting into video production to build a brand and to share high-value content so over the next 30 days I will share what I have learned in some of the online video
marketing courses taken recently. Some of these tips are fundamental to building an audience who are hungry for your videos.

My audience during this 30 Day Vlog Challenge will mainly be the members of Entrepreneur Social Club.

We’re all getting into blogging for the first time probably so what I want is to give back to our community with the tips that I’ve learned to build a really good quality content.

So if you’re still with me here’s my vlogging tip for today.

Did you know that almost 97% of vloggers who have made millions on YouTube were really self-conscious about talking in front of the camera?

I found that I started to get really comfortable that after shooting around about 7 videos in front of the camera.

I remember the first couple of video how I used to procrastinate about doing that those videos.

I just didn’t feel completely comfortable but I pushed through it and after about seventh video is when I really didn’t really care about being in front of the camera.

Do check out the video for a bonus tip.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about your audience so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’re interested in this type of video.

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That’s all for now remember – Together We Are Better.


Peter Reginald

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