Peter Reginald with Marshall Thurber

Learning from the legend, Marshall Thurber (right)

The first time I heard about Marshall Thurber was at a business networking function when I was in a dialogue with a young entrepreneur named Mikey. When I asked Mikey what business he was involved in he replied that he was an event producer and he had brought over a man called Marshall Thurber from America to present a series of business development workshops. He also told me Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki and others had attended Marshall’s workshop in the past.

I had not heard of Marshall but I knew who the other names were because I had read their books. I became very curious. Mikey had a real peaceful and positive vibe about him. He told me that he too had attended the workshop a couple of years ago and it had changed his life.

Discovering Marshall Thurber

When I got home from the networking function I googled Marshall’s name and found a bunch of web site results and a handful of youtube videos. I watched a TEDx presentation and felt like there was something about Marshall, a vibe, I couldn’t put my finger on it out but I felt a longing to learn more from him. A few days had passed and I learned that Marshall Thurber was going to present at Entrepreneur Social Club, the business network I mentioned earlier, and it felt like my wish was granted. I was so excited!

Day 1 Friday, 8:30 AM – 11 PM

Peter Reginald with Bill Allen

Bill Allen (left) and I

Fast forward a couple of weeks to the morning of Friday 13th of November, day one of the three day workshop presented by Marshall Thurber. I arrived early and entered a small lobby of the Mantra near Melbourne Airport. The lobby was filled with the aroma of coffee and quiet chatter. Eventually the doors to the event hall opened. It was game on and I was prepared to play at 100%.

“Truth believed is still a belief; a Truth experienced is much closer to Truth.”

The first few of hours covered introductions, logistics, house rules and an overall outline of the weekend. We took a ten minute break every fifty minutes and we were provided with a variety of snacks, great selection of tea and freshly brewed coffee. We were promised that the real fun and games were to begin after coming back from the lunch break. Oh, and lunch was also included – it was plentiful and delicious.

“Make the learning bigger than the experience”

The workshop was also co presented by Bill Allen, a successful entrepreneur and student of Marshall from way back. The sessions after lunch contained very little theory and had a massive emphasis on experiential learning. All the attendees were separated into groups and fully participated in a different games and simulations which I absolutely loved. I experienced many, “Ah-ha” moments as the newly learned theories and intellectual concepts became internalised insights. For example, first time round we played each game with our own understanding and then Marshall would explain the theory behind the game and when played the second time with the new insights, that is when the “Ah-ha” moment occurred. I wished that this method of learning was adopted in school.

Day 2 Saturday, 8:30 AM – Sunday 7 AM

Peter Reginald with Mikey

Thank you Mikey (right)!

Yes, that’s right. the Saturday session ended the next day, Sunday morning! More on that later. The second day started with a little bit of theory and then we were right into playing games and simulations. Even more ‘ahah’ moments and learnings. I also experienced paradigm shifts with beliefs around creating client intimacy instead of customer satisfaction, doing business in cooperation rather than competition and so much more. Most importantly I learned a step by step method on building and running an unimaginably successful business and man oh man, was I excited to commit these learnings to my business and personal life.  I heard testimonials from Matthew Heskins, owner of Ektimo and Trevor Douglas, owner of Treegear, graduates who applied the same learnings in their business to create abundance.

“My perturbation”

As we approached 7:00 PM it felt the calm before the storm. Our phones and watches were taken away from us as we prepared for a series of games that lead to a breakthrough that I had only read in books and testimonials. The session that finally ended after 7 AM on Sunday. It was one of the hardest, most challenging and profound learning experience of my life. It was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life and I felt a deep gratitude to the entire crew for their part it it. As I write this article I vividly recall driving home that Sunday morning buzzing with energy, flashes of the preceding hours popping in and out of my memory. I arrived home just after 8 AM and gave my wife and kids a big cuddle and kiss, told them I loved them, showered, had brunch and was back out to attend the final session.

Day 3 Sunday 12 PM – 6 PM

I was tired but at the same time fully energised, present and at peace – that’s the only way I could explain it. The final session opened with a few of the attendees sharing their experiences and learnings. I felt compelled to share too. We also played a few more games in groups and it was clear that by now we were collectively playing on a whole other level. To me it felt like we were playing as one body rather than playing as individual groups and individual people.

“Everything is connected”

I felt and observed a real connection between us. By the end of the third and final day I felt like I had belonged to a new family, each one of us like minded and shared values. All I wanted to do from that moment on was to apply all the theory and learnings in order to be an expression of passion, love and abundance. I also felt compelled to share my theory and learning to as many people as I could and I knew that the way to do this is to lead by example, much like Matthew and Trever mentioned above does.

The following day, Monday, I decided to create this blog to record and share my journey as I apply the key principles and theories. I am currently drafting as many of the key principles and theories I learned and over time I will post them on this blog. If you are a fellow Thurber graduate and would like to collaborate on my open sourced document then contact me using the form below and I will grant you access to view and edit the document.

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