Sucess CardsHello Earthians, I’m planning to convert the flip chart key principles into high quality cards we can hold in our hands. Something like UNO cards but a little larger. I’ve spoken to a handful of graduates about this idea already and thought I’d share it with everyone at once.

I use the key principles ever single day and at every opportunity. Before I make a decision I run through every single key principle and ask myself, how can I apply this key principle to make my decision as close to perfect as possible? I even used this same process to come up with this Success Cards idea.

For example, if planning to write a blog post

  • before I start I put time and attention into getting the first 15% of tasks right
  • I refer to my blog writing process and workflow
  • I implement the value and quality principles
  • start a dialogue with others to come up with ideas for my article
  • always making sure that any learnings are bigger than the experience
  • make sure that I am approaching this entire process responsibly
  • etc.

Another example is when I meet with a new client

  • before meeting my new client I find out as much as I can on facebook, google, news, my network, etc. being interested
  • during the meeting I ask questions, be open and listen
  • learn what are my client’s values and higher moral purpose
  • look for ways to create DyVal and synergy
  • start to build trust and client intimacy
  • offer bits of surprise and delight
  • fine ways to provide predictable transformation
  • etc.

In order to use the above workflow I have to be seated in front of my computer screen or have my phone near me because that is where all my key principle images are but I like to hold something physical in my hands rather than flicking through something on a screen. I thought of making post-it versions of the key principles but that was not very practical over the long term so…

I decided to consider the following

  1. produce a set of double sided high quality cards
  2. each card approx size of an iphone and thicker than a business card
  3. each cards could have a matt finish, easy to clean
  4. on one side of each card will be the key principle image
  5. and on the side other will be a few lines to summarise that key principle, examples etc.
  6. commission an awesome graphic designer to convert the current flip chart images into beautifully designed cards
  7. get some printing quotes
  8. and then get them printed!

How to use these cards?

I would take a deck of these cards with me everywhere I go.

  • as a teaching aid
  • stick them up on my wall
  • use them in business meetings
  • give them away to friends and family
  • a way to learn and practise the principles
  • use these cards as inspiration to write a book
  • find ways to make our Earthship a better place

Are you interested in pitching in?

If you are interested in contributing to the production of these cards and / or would like to own a deck of cards then let me know. We can crowd-source it amongst all those interested. It would be important to make sure that

  • I will be transparent in the entire process eg. getting quotes for design and printing etc.
  • I’m not interested in profiting from this, it is just a matter of leveraging the cost and effort between us.

Success Cards, are you in?

Lets dialogue: Comments, questions, thoughts…

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