I was thinking earlier this morning that some of my friends have blogs.

Friends like;

Some of us post regularly and some of us don’t. So I was thinking of doing a 30 day blog challenge.

Everyday each of us has to write something positive. Even if it is one line.

We each agree to write something positive each day. We each visit each of our daily blog posts and leave a comment and share it.

These blog friends I mentioned are all positive minded and action takers. Super interesting leaders with lots of value to give.

So this way it gives our blog some content and we get into a habit of writing something.

Even if it’s writing something that we’re grateful for at the end of the day.

We can keep each other accountable too.


  • Write at something positive and share it on social media each day.
  • We visit each other’s blogs and leave a comment each day.
  • Optionally we can share it on our networks.

If you want ideas to post about then check this 365 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS.

Do you have a blog that needs dusting off? So who else is in?

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