Today I’ll explain what is a Client Relationship Manager or CRM and why your Attraction Marketing campaign needs one.

Last week I talked about what is an Email Autoresponder and how it automatically stays in touch with your leads and clients. Read this online

The main online tools you need to properly manage your Attraction Marketing campaign are:
1. Lead capture funnel
2. Email Autoresponder
3. Client Relationship Manager or CRM
4. Google analytics

Business, much like life, is all about building and maintaining relationships with people. People love to buy from people they know and trust. A Client Relationship Manager is basically an app where you store all the important information about your leads and clients. Information like their birthday, wedding anniversary, favourite footy team, kids’ names, things they love and hate, etc.

You can trigger your CRM to remind you when your client has an anniversary coming up so you can call to congratulate them. As you get to know your leads and clients on an intimate level you build something called Client Intimacy which in turn builds loyalty and trust.

You may have heard of Salesforce and Hubspot and these are examples of premium CRM providers. There are also free CRM providers like Zoho, Insightly and that does the job. I’ve been using vTigerCRM for almost 10 years!

Next week I’ll explain what is Google Analytics and how it fits in your marketing mix.

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