Niche Vlog Audience – Hey what’s up everyone this is peter and welcome to your blog number 2 of my 30 Day vlog Challenge.

Today I want to share with you a tip for getting into vlogging and that is; Who is your audience?

Who you are you trying to reach with your blog? Who are you targeting and why is this important?

Niche Vlog Audience

If we think our vlog is suitable for a general audience then the quality of a message becomes really poor and very generic. For example the audience for my vlog challenge
entrepreneurs who are just getting into vlogging.  So once I know who my niche audience is I can communicate in terms that are familiar to that audience.

The language and the words I use will be specific to entrepreneurs. It’s a small thing that makes a huge difference.

The other reason to get your niche audience defined is to know what their key problems are what are their pains are. What common mistakes do they make when getting into vlogging?

When you know your niche audience then you can research and can find out what are their burning problems. You can ask simple questions that you can  answer and then provide value to your audience.

So what questions are your audience asking? What solutions are they looking for?

I use Google to find out what questions to ask and then I find the answers to those questions.

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