Today I’ll share the Attraction Marketing framework and how to implement it into your own business.

Conventional sales is very different to Attraction Marketing. Sales is when you actively go looking for the prospect and convert to a sale.

With Attraction Marketing you ATTRACT prospects & customers to you by adding value, providing solutions, serving your target market, and creating content that addresses your target market’s #1 challenges. (could be in the form of blog posts, videos, articles, FaceBook live streams, hosting webinars, and so much more…

1. Be clear who your target audience is
2. Create high value content that is useful to your target market
3. Build your list by collecting the email address of your audience when they visit your blog, vlog, etc.
4. Follow up with each of your email subscribers and BE INTERESTED. Learn more about their life.
5. Send your subscribers weekly emails of high value content, free workshops, tips and tricks that matches their interests to make their lives better.
6. As you build trust in your subscribers you may introduce your products or services that are of real value and benefit to them.

It’s very important to maintain integrity in the Attraction Marketing process otherwise you will very quickly break trust and undo all work. Remember, Attraction Marketing takes time and is an organic way to grow your business.

Next week I’ll share some tools to help you effectively manage and your Attraction Marketing campaign.

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