Today I’ll explain what is Google Analytics and how it fits in your marketing mix.

Last week I talked about what is a Client Relationship Manager or CRM and why your Attraction Marketing campaign needs one.

The main online tools you need to properly manage your Attraction Marketing campaign are:
1. Lead capture funnel
2. Email Autoresponder
3. Client Relationship Manager or CRM
4. Google analytics

Top marketers observe and analyse their marketing efforts. They read data. The numbers tell the story. By observing the right numbers or metrics we can improve conversions. Google’s web analytics can help transform your marketing into a data-driven machine.

In a nutshell, with your permission, Google tracks your websites, emails and more. It records things like how many visits at any given moment, how did they find your website, how long they spent on your web pages, which pages lead to your visitor to leave your website.

Google presents all this data using their dashboard. There are charts, lists and tables of information. Even if you’re a solopreneur I recommend peeking into your website analytics data. It’s very tellling.

You can also track email open response rates and strategically improve conversions. You can track the steps someone took online to become your top client for targeted conversions.

But there isn’t any point in mentioning Google analytics unless it’s useful so next week I’ll share some tips and best practices.

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