Today I’ll explain what is an Email Autoresponder and why your Attraction Marketing campaign needs one.

Last week I talked about what is a Lead Capture Funnel and how it’s the opening piece of the Attraction Marketing process. Read this online

The main online tools you need to properly manage your Attraction Marketing campaign are:
1. Lead capture funnel
2. Email Autoresponder
3. Client Relationship Manager or CRM
4. Google analytics

When someone gives you their email address by filling in your Lead Capture form on your website an Email Autoresponder automatically takes over the job of sending your new lead a sequence of pre designed, targeted emails that are staggered over days, weeks or months.

You can program your Autoresponder to send these emails at the exact time that you know will get the highest open rate instead of ending up in the virtual trash.

Rather than sending your leads spammy ‘buy now’ offers these emails must contain really high value content that is of genuine use to your leads. The idea is to get your leads to look forward to your next email and to engage with you. The main aim is to build trust and brand authority as your Autoresponder consistently sends these emails even while you’re sleeping!

Getresponse, Aweber and Mailchimp are examples of Autoresponder service providers.

Next week I’ll explain what is an Client Relationship Manager and how it fits in your marketing mix.

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