Today l’ll talk about conversion rate and Google Analytics.

Last week I talked about what is Google Analytics and how it fits in your marketing mix. Read this online

The main online tools you need to properly manage your Attraction Marketing campaign are:

  1. Lead capture funnel
  2. Email Autoresponder
  3. Client Relationship Manager or CRM
  4. Google analytics

How do we measure the success of your online marketing? There are 3 different groups of metrics that we could look at.

  1. Engagement metrics
  2. Conversion metrics
  3. Acquisition metrics

Lets focus on conversion metrics

A conversion is when a user takes action. Examples of conversions to track could be completing a form, subscription to a newsletter, or downloading a whitepaper.

Google Analytics lets you set up Goal Conversion tracking, which can help you determine how users are interacting with your site and from what pages they buy. In the simplest form, conversion rates can be measured by: Total conversions/Unique website visitors X 100 = Conversion Rate (%)

Google Analytics gives you insight on where your users are bailing out on the conversion process so that you can tweak and improve your conversion rate.

We’ve come to the end of the Attraction Marketing series and I hope it’s been of value to you. Next week I’ll start a new series touching on marketing, sales and the psychology of buyers, get inside the minds of prospects to increase conversions and sales.

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